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Local producers Between tradition and excellence.

Meet our local producers and artisans in Sarlat and Périgord Noir!
If you want to learn all about foie gras, visit a breeder who will explain all the stages of production at the geese or duck farm (and offer a tasting at the end of the tour, of course!).
And how about a trip to a truffle farm in Sarlat and Périgord Noir? You will have the opportunity to witness incredible demonstrations of truffle hunting.
Are you a cheese lover? Cabécou producers are waiting for you and you will love their authentic farm cheese.
Feel free to ask them for recommendations to choose Périgord wines that better highlight the flavors.
Stroll through the alleys of Sarlat and explore the artisan preserves full of many gourmet discoveries.
And to end the culinary discovery with a sweet note … Meet our beekeepers to taste the local honey!