Village de la Madeleine sur la vallée de la VézèreVillage de la Madeleine sur la vallée de la Vézère
©Village de la Madeleine sur la vallée de la Vézère
Lascaux and The Vézère Valley

Lascaux and The Vézère Valley, emblematic of prehistory

The Vézère Valley is the ideal place to organise a day in the great outdoors, to the north of the town of Sarlat!
But that’s not all: it is also an emblematic prehistory destination known for its 147 deposits, including 25 sites featuring cave art and 14 sites listed as World Heritage with UNESCO!

The listed prehistoric sites

of the Vézère Valley

The Lascaux caves are known throughout the entire world; in fact, part of the cave is nicknamed the Sistine Chapel of Prehistory!
Although the original cave is closed to the public, you are welcome to discover the facsimile of Lascaux II and the more recent Centre International d’Art Pariétal, better known as Lascaux IV.

Discover the troglodyte village of La Madeleine, of which the (listed) prehistoric deposit lent its name to the Magdalenian culture. Continue on to the Rouffignac cave.


Les Eyzies in the Vézère Valley:

world capital of prehistory

To discover one of the most important destinations in the Vézère Valley, head for Les Eyzies!
Here, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the Font de Gaume and Les Combarelles caves, both listed with UNESCO!
Between tours of Abri de Cap-Blanc and the archaeological deposits of Laugerie-Basse and Laugerie-Haute, take time out to stop over at the National Prehistory Museum and the International Prehistory Centre.

The castles of the Vézère Valley

One of the absolute must-sees is the Maison Forte de Reignac, built in the 16th century!
A listed historical building, this troglodyte “cliff-castle” overlooks the Vézère River in Tursac. Continue on to the 16th-century Château de Losse on the banks of the river.
From the high perch of 12th-century Château de Commarque, enjoy an unobstructed view over the Beune Valley!