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The leading gourmet products  of the Périgord

Welcome to the Périgord Noir, the ideal gourmet paradise!

Awaken your senses and indulge in the fine products of the Périgord!

Choose your products in the Périgord

Get ready to embark upon a delectable culinary voyage through the Périgord Noir. If you love the duck or goose foie gras of the Périgord, the IGP label attesting to a certified Périgord origin guarantees you exceptional quality. 

The black Périgord truffle is known as the black diamond of the region! To uncover all its mysteries, head for the Truffle Fête in mid-January. Variety is the spice of life, so don’t miss the bolete mushrooms, or cepes, of the Périgord

And these are not the only examples of the region’s emblematic tastes. The walnuts of the Périgord are a classic! Fresh, dried or prepared as sweets, these exquisite treats are not to be missed.
Locals recommend that you enjoy a cabécou of the Périgord with a glass of wine from Bergerac or Pays de Domme. 

And celebrate the lamb produced in the Périgord during the Journées du Goût et de la Gastronomie du Périgord. With an atypical ramble followed by a convivial meal, you’re sure to discover new delights.

Stock up on seasonal products

at the markets of the Périgord

Throughout the year, you may stock up on the products of the Périgord at the area’s traditional markets, farmer’s markets and gourmet night markets. Take time out to speak with the farmers, and they will share their recipes and tips to bring out the best in the products of the Périgord. As you explore the streets of Sarlat, you’ll discover that there are also a great deal of fine food shops here where you may purchase local canned goods.   

And why not go directly to the source while you’re here? Discover how products are prepared and what makes them special when you tour the farms of the Périgord. From duck and goose breeders to truffle farms to goat herders producing cheese, not to mention apiarists and distillers of the area, the choice is yours!