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Discover Black Périgord A land of 1000 facets

Discover the Périgord Noir

Conquered by our undulating landscapes, where the forest is omnipresent, drive along our roads to admire them up close, and you’ll discover our historical and natural heritage, rich in remarkable sites (villages, castles, rivers…). Along the way, the Dordogne and Vézère valleys offer breathtaking views. Further north, the Causse region lifts you into the air with its high clearings and unparalleled panoramic views. Everywhere, limestone cliffs shelter ornate caves, medieval fortresses and troglodytic sites. Immersed in the incredible landscape of the Périgord Noir, follow your compass. It’s sure to lead you to new enchantments.

Sarlat, La Star uncontested

66 listed or registered monuments within an 11-hectare perimeter, 3 Michelin stars, the Ville d’Art et d’Histoire label… With such a track record and international renown, Sarlat could be a proud city. But no! That’s not the lady’s state of mind. Sharing, generosity and discovery are more a part of her personality. You’ll find these values in the narrow streets, restaurants, monuments and shops… Here, everyone is proud to tell you the fascinating story of this thousand-year-old city, where the Perigordian art of living is fully expressed.

Not to be missed!

Sarlat offers extraordinary sightseeing experiences. On Rue Victor Hugo, the modernism of the former Sainte-Marie church will impress you: restored by Jean Nouvel, it houses the covered market and a panoramic elevator that rises to a height of 35 m. After this first encounter, we invite you to… get lost and observe. Keep your eyes peeled for the sets of over 170 films shot here since 1928. Absorbed by this journey into the 7th art, you haven’t even seen nightfall. Don’t worry: gas lighting takes you into a magical world that only Sarlat can provide.

The sweetness of The Dordogne Valley

The river in majesty

Yesterday’s merchant and nurturer, the river has retained an essential function, that of connecting human beings to nature. An ideal partner for your sporting sessions, it will take you across the Périgord Noir in a paddle or canoe, an accomplice for your romantic strolls, it will take you on a journey through history aboard its traditional “gabarres”. The Dordogne is as much a part of your lives as it is of our landscapes. The proof: it appears in all your photos!

 A must!

When you’re on the Dordogne, let yourself be dazzled by our waterside villages. They offer unforgettable, enchanting stopovers. The charm of La Roque-Gageac Nestling at the foot of the cliffs, this “Most Beautiful Village in France” offers a picturesque stopover with its cobbled streetsTreasures of the past in Beynac Dominated by its majestic château, the village has a unique grace. As you stroll through the village, you’ll be seduced by the harmony of its stone houses and the charm of its small squares. When you reach the ramparts, the view is extraordinary! A bucolic break in Carsac-Aillac In this village where life flows gently along its shopping street, Carsac-Aillac invites you to escape to the banks of the Enéa stream: a shady park welcomes you for a moment of calm where nature whispers soothing stories.


If you thought you knew the Dordogne Valley inside out, you’ll be glad to know that it’s full of surprising walks. In addition to the Sarlat-Cazoulès greenway, there are many other trails and paths ready to welcome you. To discover them, ask your host or the local tourist offices. Or leave your car in a parking lot and take the first route that comes your way. You’ll soon be drawn into a fascinating natural world. She’ll share her secrets with you, inviting you to stop and enjoy landscapes known only to her. Here, a belvedere with a breathtaking view, there, a clearing that puts you face to face with the unexpected profile of a cliff.

Our advice: vary the pleasures by alternating between walking, cycling, horse-riding and, why not, canoeing…

The Vézère Prehistory in a nutshell

Lascaux, the Odyssey of Prehistory

The Lascaux cave, famous since its discovery in 1940, is one of the most exceptional decorated caves in the world. With its unique cave paintings, it is a priceless testimony to prehistoric art. Closed in 1963 to guarantee its preservation, the original cave has been replaced by two facsimiles. Lascaux II, inaugurated in 1983 and the world’s first cave facsimile, accurately reproduces the famous galleries of the Salle des Taureaux and the Diverticule Axial. Lascaux IV, its complete replica inaugurated in 2016, welcomes visitors to a truly immersive experience.


The Vézère Valley has everything you need to know about prehistory. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 15 of its prehistoric sites, from caves to chasms, it invites you into the daily lives of our ancestors who occupied the Périgord region for over 400,000 years! Don’t miss the sites whose discoveries have advanced our knowledge of the evolution of the human species. From the La Micoque site (the oldest traces of human occupation) to the Abri du Poisson (the first known representation of a fish), not forgetting the Font-de-Gaume and Combarelles caves, prepare to be amazed.

The Vézère sees life in green

Our unspoilt natural environment offers us a unique privilege: access to areas where nature reigns supreme. To make the most of this wonderful freedom, we suggest you put on your shoes and take a water bottle to discover our many hiking trails. In addition to the 675 km of signposted footpaths in our area, you can also get on your bike to enjoy the “Vézère by bike” cycle route, which takes you right to the heart of our landscapes. Designated a Grand Site de France, the Vézère Valley has achieved the remarkable feat of combining human activity and nature in harmony.