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Local museums  and traditional architecture

Discover the many museums of Sarlat and Périgord Noir!
In Castelnaud, head to the local museum exploring the secrets of Périgord walnuts, one of the most popular products of the region.
As a family, tour the old-fashioned paper mill du Moulin à Papier Rouzique and learn something new about something old…
And to really make history fun for kids, don’t miss Parc du Bournat!
At the heart of a flawless reconstitution of a village in the year 1900, craftsmen demonstrate the old-fashioned trades that were once the beating heart of the region’s economy.
During your stay in Périgord Noir, admire the local architecture of houses with thackstone roofs.
The dry stone huts of Breuil are a good example if you’re curious about this age-old technique.
Feel free to inquire with the locals, who enjoy sharing the secrets of the little dry stone huts that dot the countryside, and were once used as refuges for shepherds.