Try out outdoor sporting activities  in Sarlat and its surroundings

Are you hoping to enjoy a morning or afternoon of leisure or outdoor activities during your stay in Sarlat ?

Choose your sports activity in the Périgord Noir!

Sports activities throughout the year!

Whatever your age and fitness level, choose the outdoor activity that best corresponds with you.

Before the high season and during the summertime, the leisure professionals and monitors of Sarlat invite you to attend the Active Summer event, “Été Actif” to enjoy sports activities in the setting of the Périgord Noir !

Treetop activities in the Périgord Noir

Enjoy an original encounter with a plant giant in the Périgord Noir and explore its branches with a tree-climbing activity. Monitors ensure your safety as you enjoy thrills!

And what would you say to playing Robin Hood with beginner’s archery activities ?

Unprecedented sports activities in the great outdoors

If you’d like to discover the treasures of the exceptional caves concealed within the forests around Sarlat, potholing activities are perfect for you! Protected by a jumpsuit and helmet, set out to discover the underground world within the caves and grottoes of the forest…

In the magnificent settings of the villages around Sarlat, a life-sized Clue game is held each year to the delight of children and parents alike. Follow the clues and use your powers of observation to discover the secrets hidden in the midst of this natural setting.

Trade your magnifying glass for a pair of hiking shoes and set off to discover the night ramble. In the dimness of the evening, with the mystery of birds-of-prey, this sports activity is a summer classic.

And don’t make a trip to the Périgord Noir without an excursion on one of the rivers! In a canoe, at a water park or aboard a historical cargo barge, take to the water with aquatic leisure and sports activities !