Bastides of the Périgord,  vestiges of the Middle Ages

Become a knight (or princess!) at one of the bastides of the Périgord and set out to conquer these medieval villages that are so emblematic of the rivalry between the kings of England and France!

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Are you familiar with the history of these so-called “new towns” of medieval times?

If not, enthusiastic guides are available to recount to you the period of peace and prosperity from 1000 and 1400, followed by a major wave of construction during the Crusades against Catharism and the Hundred Years’ War.

This was the golden age for the “Bastida”, which is simply Occitan for “construction”.

Explore the streets of the Bastides of the Périgord

If you’re wondering why there are generally no ramparts surrounding the Bastides of the Périgord, it is because they were originally designed to foster trade.

They feature regularly gridded streets and houses of identical dimensions, and the main thoroughfares always lead to the covered walkways of the central market hall. For a more secluded view, follow the little streets called “carreyrous”.

And don’t miss the “andrones”, narrow passageways between two buildings that were used as fire-breaks and rainwater drainage areas, as well as dumping grounds for sewage!

Discover the Bastides of the Périgord,

witnesses to the past

The secrets of the first bastide in the Southwest of France are offered up by the Bastide of Cordes-sur-Ciel in Tarn, built in 1222. In our area, the bastide of Villefranche du Périgord, built in 1261, is the earliest of its kind.

The Hundred Years’ War, as well as various epidemics and droughts, marked the end of the Bastide period.
Labastide-d’Anjou, in Aude (built in 1373), was the last to be built. Today, the bastides of Libourne, Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Villefranche-de-Rouergue are not to be missed. 

Certain Bastides of the Périgord, such as Domme and Monpazier , are also listed among the Most Beautiful Villages of France !

Toutes les bastides  du Périgord, du Lot et du Lot-et-Garonne

Discover all the Bastides of the Périgord,

Lot and Lot-et-Garonne:

  • BEAUMONT DU PERIGORD (fondation anglaise) : 1272
  • BEAUREGARD ET BASSAC (fondation anglaise) : 1286
  • DOMME* (fondation française) : 1281
  • EYMET (fondation française) : 1270
  • FONROQUE (fondation anglaise) : 1284
  • LALINDE (fondation anglaise) : 1267
  • MOLIERES (fondation anglaise) :1284
  • MONESTIER (fondation anglaise) : 1284
  • MONPAZIER* (fondation anglaise) :1284
  • PUYGUILHEM (THENAC) fondation anglaise : 1265
  • ROQUEPINE (STE-RADEGONDE) fondation anglaise : 1283
  • VERGT (fondation anglaise) : 1287
  • VILLEFRANCHE DE LONCHAT (fondation anglaise) : 1287
  • VILLEFRANCHE DU PERIGORD (fondation française) : 1261

Bastides of Lot and Lot-et-Garonne

 LOT :

  • CAZALS (fondation anglaise) : 1317
  • MONTCABRIER (fondation française) : 1297


  • CASTELNAUD DE GRATECAMBE  (fondation française) : 1256
  • CASTILLONNES ( fondation française) : 1259
  • LIBOS (MONSEMPRON-LIBOS) fondation anglaise : 1305
  • MIRAMONT-DE-GUYENNE (fondation française) : entre 1278 et 1286
  • MONFLANQUIN(fondation française) : 1256
  • VILLEREAL (fondation française) : 1267