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Tour Lascaux IV the Centre International de l’Art Pariétal

When you visit the Périgord Noir, Lascaux IV is a not-to-be-missed way to enjoy unforgettable discoveries as a family or with friends. Combining identical facsimiles of the original Lascaux caves and cutting-edge technology that invites you to enjoy a unique experience, Lascaux IV opened its doors in 2016.  

In the footsteps of cave art

at Lascaux IV

After Lascaux II, the facsimile of the original Lascaux cave, and Lascaux III – an itinerant exhibition –, discover the Centre International de l’Art Pariétal, better known as Lascaux IV. You’ll find it in a semi-underground building at the foot of the Lascaux hillside in Montignac, at the heart of the Vézère Valley . Don’t miss this chance to encounter cave art from all over the world and to trace the civilisation of Cro-Magnon man.

The authentic appearance

of Lascaux IV paintings

For the first time, the Lascaux caves reveal almost all their secrets to you! Get ready to step back through time to the heart of prehistory with this nearly complete replica of the Lascaux cave, discovered in 1940. In this dark, cool atmosphere, the scene is set to guarantee you unforgettable thrills!

Interactive digital tour

of Lascaux IV

After your discovery of the Lascaux IV cave, grab a tablet and set off for a self-guided tour at your own pace to better understand this fabulous cave and cave art in general throughout the world.

Several galleries await! In the workshop, you’ll get a more precise view of the paintings in the Lascaux IV cave. Then, in whatever order you wish, you are free to relive the interpretation of cave art throughout the ages in the digital Theatre; to immerse yourself fully in other caves throughout the world with the 3D cinema; and to rediscover the greatest works of contemporary art in an exhibition gallery that may be entirely personalised by visitors.

Feel free to come back to the centre to discover temporary exhibitions and continue to learn more about our ancestors’ cave art.

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