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Fest'oie Sarlat celebrates the goose with the honour it deserves!

Fest’oie of Sarlat

On the first weekend in March, head for the town of Sarlat !

Marching bands, gourmet food and entertainment… The Périgord goose is at the centre of this event!

Enjoy a weekend of free activities!   

On the Saturday of the event, children will enjoy activities with the goose tamer and discover goose-related activities such as goose plume calligraphy, goose decoration painting on earthenware, and more.

And to immerse yourself in traditions, don’t miss the goose-carving demonstration and have a taste of 100% local goose carcass soup. So why not fill up on local products? Head for the 100% local goose farmers and canners of the Périgord and the farmers’ market.

Fest'oie in picture

Tour the farms

of the region for Fest’oie

In certain farms of the region, goose breeders welcome you to their farms to show you how geese are raised. Enjoy a free culinary lesson for the whole family, which always ends in a free tasting of farm products. Just don’t forget to reserve!

Share a convivial moment at

La Bodeg’Oie

On the Saturday evening of the event, the locals gather at La Bodeg’oie on Place de la Liberté.

An immense table is set here in a convivial atmosphere, to the tune of a marching band competition! Indulge in a plate of Fest’Oie food, including Sarlat-style potatoes.

And why not accompany it with a glass of Bergerac wine?

Enjoy a traditional gargantuan meal

at Fest’oie in Sarlat.

On the Sunday midday of the event, head for the Sarlat cultural centre to join the immense Fest’oie banquet!

Enjoy the some fifteen different dishes prepared by chefs, all the foie gras you can eat, and the great atmosphere of marching bands.

But remember to reserve your meal in advance, since the event always falls victim to its own success in a matter of hours!  

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