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The Sarlat Film Festival  rolls out the red carpet for you

Each year around mid-November, film lovers meet up at the Sarlat Film Festival. For the five days of this event, the town of Sarlat (= lien vers Page SAS – La ville de Sarlat) pays tribute to the 7th art. Lights, camera… Action!

Enjoy the Sarlat Film Festival,

a major event of the French cinema

For this major event in Sarlat, head for Cinéma Rex in the centre of town. From the festival’s official selection, which presents the best productions of the moment, and the “Tour du Monde” selection of foreign films, you’ll discover very different world throughout the various darkened rooms.

During the Film Festival, the well-known actors and directors of the films present their feature films and short films. If you attend the sneak previews, you’re likely to spot them onstage…

The must-see Festival

for students of the cinema since 1990

Secondary school students following literary studies with a cinema major come to Sarlat from all over France for the Sarlat Film Festival. More than 600 students in their final year of secondary studies gather for the film-oriented lectures and encounters each year at the Sarlat film centre. The bonus for them? A special preparation for their A-levels and the opportunity to meet directors, actors and scriptwriters. In a word, professionals from all aspects of film-making!

If you are a secondary school student yourself, why not try out to be one of the seven Young Jury members of the year?