Vue sur le hameau de Montfort et son châteauVue sur le hameau de Montfort et son château
©Vue sur le hameau de Montfort et son château|Penn Graphics
The village of Vitrac Montfort

Get away from it all in the village of Vitrac-Montfort in Périgord

Just 7km/4.3mi south of the town of Sarlat-la-Canéda , you’ll discover the three hamlets of Vitrac: the port, the centre and the not-to-be-missed Montfort hamlet!

Take to the Dordogne River

at the port of Vitrac

Vitrac is known for its built heritage and natural landscapes, but it is also a meeting place for canoeing aficionados at the heart of a well-preserved setting.
After choosing your paddle craft at one of the canoe rental centres, you’ll depart from the small port for a unique adventure on the Dordogne River!
From hidden treasures to magnificent views, this is your chance to glide along, in the wake of the region’s former fishing trade.

Succumb to the charm of the centre village of Vitrac

To find the historical centre of the village, you’ll have to climb up to the “bourg”.
Hikers will enjoy following the path to the 12th-century Saint-Martin church, a listed historical building since 1925.
There, you might cross paths with other hikers, since there are two hiking circuits departing from the church.
Make the most of this opportunity to take in the Château de Montfort.
Stop over for a coffee break at l’École Buissonnière … Just imagine… What is now an arty café used to be a schoolhouse!
So what better setting for a snack of delicious homemade Breton crepes than in the classroom (or outside in the former playground, now a
courtyard shaded by plane trees)?
Indulge your taste buds as this setting takes you back to simpler times.

Explore the hamlet of Montfort

A bit farther on, you’ll see the recently renovated hamlet of Montfort. With cobblestone streets, a “pierced rock” esplanade and a peaceful atmosphere, this is an excellent destination, as long as you’ve got practical shoes on!
The road can be narrow, but it brings you face-to-face with treasures from the past such as grottoes that were used as stables, shops and even homes!
And you can’t miss the Château Montfort . In fact, you really can’t miss it, since it overlooks the Dordogne River from the top of a rocky promontory between Vitrac and Carsac.

The castle is not open to the public, but don’t worry, you’ll appreciate the view!
On your way back down, the steep road will bring you to the fountain and wash-house, the village’s original sources of water.
To get back to the centre, take a deep breath and climb back up the steep “fisherman’s” path.

Nature lovers will appreciate the Cingle de Montfort, a meander in the river towards Carsac. This natural curiosity offers an unobstructed view over (almost) the entire island of Turnac. As you pass by the car park, you’ll enjoy a view of the castle, the Turnac walnut grove and the Dordogne River.

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