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Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse village

What is there to do and see in Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse?

Welcome to Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse, a typical little village that reveals the charms of the Périgord!
On foot, on horseback, in a canoe or even in a treetop adventure park, enjoy the great outdoors just a few kilometres from the town of Sarlat

Stroll along to the pace of patrimonial treasures

If you love history, Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse has great surprises in store for you!
Narrow lanes, open-air washhouses and dry stone walls form the perfect background for an unforgettable day.

Don’t forget to stop over at the water mill to plunge into a different era…
On the way, don’t miss its magnificent porch and road dating from the Gallo-Roman period.

Discover Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse

through its three castles

At the entrance to the village, you’ll be greeted by the magnificent Château de Monrecour. Observe the castle carefully and you’ll recognize certain architectural details distinctive of the Renaissance…
Thrill-seekers, find out about how you can enjoy an unforgettable hot air balloon ride next to the castle!
Did you know that the fortress is also a hotel and restaurant?
An opportunity for a romantic evening as a couple.

As you stroll along, you’ll notice the Château d’Aiguevive and its two round towers, which stand head and shoulders above the village. While the building is not open to the public, you are free to observe the charterhouse next to it.
Here, you’ll see the magnificent thackstone roofs typical of the Périgord.

Next, head for the Château de Panassou! To find it, you’ll have to climb the lanes of the village.
With mullion windows and an impressive tower, this 15th-century monument is a listed historical building.
Take time to observe the details of the Renaissance-style entrance gate.
Lovers of art and history might come back during European Heritage Days, when the owners might offer you a tour of the exterior.

A fresh breath of air on the banks of the Dordogne River

If you love hiking, this is a natural place for you to be! Breathtaking landscapes criss-crossed with footpaths: this is a little corner of paradise. Athletic visitors might discover the secret spots of the Dordogne aboard a canoe or on a zip-line from the treetop adventure park.
For a unique discovery of the area, why not visit on horseback?
And after effort comes comfort: enjoy a moment of relaxation along the riverside in Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse.
Don’t forget your fishing rod, since this is a favourite fishing spot!