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Coming and getting around by bus  in Perigord Noir

For those who prefer the bus in the Dordogne, know that Périgord is a country particularly well served by local companies. Some trips are sometimes longer, but allow you to enjoy the scenery without having to worry about driving!

What’s more: the bus is often cheaper than a rental car, or a train ride: what more can you ask for?

  Regular bus lines in Périgord

To move easily in the city of Sarlat, a single transit service does France for a city of 10,000 inhabitants.

Two regular bus lines will allow you to easily reach the city center or the shops on the outskirts.

To allow access to as many people as possible, the Sarlat Bus offers you two adapted rates:

€ 1 per person Free on condition of resources (contact the CIAS of Périgord black +33 (0) 5 53 31 88 88)