Cou farci au Foie grasCou farci au Foie gras
©Cou farci au Foie gras|Dan Courtice

The leading gourmet products of the Périgord Sarlat is a land of foie gras !

If you love foie gras, you’ve come to the right place !

This star of the Christmas table and many other opulent celebrations is standard fare here in Sarlat and the Périgord Noir !

Enjoy foie gras in all its forms

in Sarlat

In Sarlat, foie gras knows no limits! Mousse, pâtés, foie gras entier, foie gras, bloc de foie gras… Not to mention the many specialities containing foie gras: stuffed duck breast or goose neck, medallions, galantines (containing 50 % of foie gras) and many other variations!

To ensure a certified origin of the Périgord, look for the IGP label “Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest”. For a stronger taste, farmers recommend duck foie gras. Goose foie gras offers a milder flavour.

So how to prepare foie gras ?

Sterilised (for longer conservation) or lightly cooked (in a terrine or vacuum-packed) for a more immediate meal, it may also be enjoyed hot: just sear fresh foie gras in a frying pan and get ready to indulge! 

Add a sweet note by deglazing the pan with raspberry vinegar or walnut wine. …And a sprinkling of fleur de sel to titillate the taste buds!  

In the Périgord, foie gras is often enjoyed accompanied by a glass of Monbazillac or sweet Bergerac wine. 

Meet the foie gras farmers

of Sarlat and the Périgord

In the Périgord, set out to meet local farmers on the Route du foie gras ! From raising the birds to processing the livers to canning, the farm is the best place to learn about and purchase this gourmet product so emblematic of the Périgord! 

On the third Sunday in February, join the locals for the great Sarlat Fest’Oie event ! You’ll get an opportunity to share a convivial moment, enjoying as much foie gras as you’d like at the communal banquet!