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The leading gourmet products of the Périgord Walnuts of the Périgord varieties and tasting

The walnuts of the Périgord are a staple among local gourmet products. On their own, as sweets, or pressed into oil, you’ll love walnuts in all their forms!

Walnuts of the Périgord:

one AOP and four varieties ! 

The walnuts of the Périgord feature a protected designation of origin (AOP) that guarantees you exceptional quality. Shelled, fresh or dried, walnuts are known for their health benefits.

There are four not-to-be-missed varieties in the region: Corne, Grandjean, Marbot and Franquette !

When it comes to walnut oil, an AOP is in the works…

Indulge in the walnuts of the Périgord in every form

The walnuts of the Périgord are harvested in the autumn, but dried walnuts are available all year round! Gourmets may appreciate walnuts on their own or as sweets, such as caramelised walnuts, walnut cakes, iced walnut nougat or chocolate-coated walnuts.

Ever tasted a fresh walnut? Just shell the nut and peel the skin! 

The subtle, fruity taste of walnut oil brings out the exquisite freshness of Périgord-style salads topped with duck gizzards, smoked duck breast and cabécou cheese! And why not try walnut wine or a locally prepared liqueur?

On the Route  de la Noix in the Périgord

Don’t miss the Route de la Noix in the Périgord, a walnut circuit set up by the Noix du Périgord professional syndicate.

The road crosses through three départements, the Dordogne, Lot and Corrèze !

This walnut road brings you into contact with walnut farmers, museums, eco-museums and traditional mills that produce walnut oil !